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b. 1986, HK.


Hi! Here's what you might want to know

I'm Jamaican-Chinese, German,  Scottish on my dad's side. Got the remaining Native, French-Canadian, English, Irish, Scottish from my mama. It's okay - everyone asks. Everyone. 


Anyways, below is what you should know:


I'm a twenty-something year old storyteller and multimedia producer in the film industry with a background in entertainment journalism and digital media marketing. After spending most of my semesters in photo-pits and backstage with some of the most famous artists in the Canadian and international music scene, I graduated from Ryerson University’s RTA School of Media in Toronto and entered the world of film and television (high-key still a concert-junkie though).

Currently dividing my time as a Marketing Coordinator and Community Manager at AIC Studios/AMBI Media Group, an international film production company, and as an independent producer and writer. I've won some awards for writing and producing and have several projects featured or published in Los Angeles, the UK and Toronto.


Wanna  chat? Drop me a line at mackenzie.bryanne@gmail.com.