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Mackenzie Bryanne Wong is a multimedia producer with experience in digital marketing and a passion for writing for film and television. Noctem App is a nightlife app.


Noctem is an interactive Nightlife App combined with a Social Media and Marketing strategy; created by a team of former Ryerson students. It solves the perpetual question of "What are we doing tonight?"


Carpe noctem - Seize the night. 



Toronto after dark is a magical playground with unlimited possibilities. But, in a city of so many possibilities, people often attend the same few venues over and over again. 

With the help of Noctem, a new mobile application ready to revamp nightlife culture, better nights start soon. By giving users the option of choosing from a live list of experiences catered to their personal and professional needs, this app is going to give you a night-out unlike any other. Whether you’re a photographer looking for a trendy shoot-spot or a law student looking to network and unwind at the same time, the team at Noctem has got you covered. You focus on having the experience of a nighttime while we do the hard work.


Provide users with new, unique experiences to explore the city at night 
Produce a user experience that makes it seamless to find something to do at a moment's notice.
Create a recognizable brand that becomes indispensable to Toronto nightlife, 
Reinvent the user's love for nightlife regardless of age, gender, location, interests or profession. 

Social media || Partnerships with Small businesses

As part of our marketing strategy, 

  • unique articles focused on nightlife experiences to be segmented to specific audiences on social media
  • several photo-series documenting the lives of awesome individuals that live in the city and their nightly experiences. We provided a unique way to browse the city every hour of the night by publicly time-stamping each photo coupled with a written interview
  • partnerships with small businesses and social media influencers  to create mutually beneficial promotional videos like the one shown here
  • Business marketing partnerships included Budweiser, Old School Toronto, Paintlounge, Wayward
Content on this page and homepage courtesy of the Noctem App team